Feature overview
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YouMinds Composer 7
Future proof Composer offers many different standardized export formats. Create HTML5 web sites in a single file to share and archive your documents. Step by step review Launch the step by step animator to review your knowledge part by part and stay focused on the current mind map node.
Instant slide show presentation Press the slide show button any time on any mind map or diagram type to present your knowledge to a broader audience. There is no additional presentation software required. Automatic style inheritance Mind maps and diagrams inherit colors and formats from their context automatically. Save tremendous amount of time when you specify the design of documents. In addition your styles stay consistent even when you modify your document.
Handle huge projects With the principle of divide and conquer you easily find your way around huge mind maps and diagrams using drill-downs and by reducing the detail level. Multi references Use multi references to assign identical information several times and get rid of redundancy in your mind maps and diagrams.
Review support Assign comments during review. The comments stick to the mind map node they where assigned to. Individual look Choose among a variety of different design templates to apply a unique look to your mind maps and diagrams including 3D and glass styles.
Integrated image library Composer ships with a comprehensive image library to enhance certain aspects with icons and backgrounds. Project management Use mind mapping or a work breakdown structure to collect tasks and assign appointments, work load and resources. The integrated calendar or Gantt chart manages your project plan.
Integrated version control Use the integrated version control to manage and restore changes in your mind maps and diagrams. Integrated web browser Launch a internet search directly in Composer and insert relevant information into your mind maps and diagrams.
Ad hoc team collaboration Simply use your existing network shares and start working in teams immediately. No server software is required and there is no need to register to an external cloud service. Your knowledge and mind maps stays within your organization. Tag and property filter Analyze huge documents at a glance and immediately find relevant information in mind maps and diagrams,
Hierarchical word tags Create an additional view onto your mind maps, diagrams and organizational charts (orgcharts) using hierarchical word tags. Automatic legend Create legends with style and shape information automatically for each document. Reuse existing styles from the legend or find objects based on styles.
Combinable document types Choose among a great variety of different document types like mind map, timeline, orgchart, block diagram, notepad, notesheet, pinboard and many more. Reuse existing information Enter your ideas just once and convert mind maps into any other representation that is needed. Combine different representations and create new knowledge out of existing information.
Custom properties Display detailed information with custom meta data. Use formulas to automatically compute values like sums or item count in your mind maps, orgcharts, work break down structures or block diagrams. Walk through mode The walk through mode helps you to clearly identify the information path along your mind map nodes. Automatically collapse and expand selected items and walk through the nodes of interest.
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