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YouMinds Composer 7
YouMinds Composer is a presentation and analysis tool for your knowledge, which outlines your notes and ideas.
YouMinds Composer utilizes many different representation options like mind maps, diagrams, timelines, note pads and even slide shows. The Software has the ability to transform these representations without loss of information or any media disruption. Start with a mind map and immediately create a slide presentation simply by pressing a button. Time consuming efforts to visualize and re-type information belong to the past.

With these options you may use the software for many different purposes. Gather ideas during a brainstorm session and create ad hoc presentations afterwards. Create organizational charts for your company, obtain an overview on your tasks and projects or simply outline your ideas and thoughts.

In addition, YouMinds Composer comes with a bunch of useful features that assist you in creating and analysing information. With hierarchical word tags you create additional views onto your knowledge, while you apply filters to visualize the topics of interest. Detail levels and drill downs help you to handle huge projects and reduce complexity.

Furthermore, functions like versioning, team collaboration, design templates together with the integrated icon library round up the software.

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YouMinds Composer allows you to combine and embed different representations. The example below shows a mind map with an embedded timeline.
Mind map with timeline
Create orgcharts as fast and easy as mind maps. Use the power of mind maps within your orgcharts, like drill down, filter or tag functions. Also assign custom metadata like salery, certificates, counts and so on. You may also use block diagrams to handle huge organization structures with up to 6 levels of hierarchy.
Blockdiagram and mind map
The user interface supports multiple documents to be opened and edited at the same time. Create 3D block diagrams and apply individual style to mind maps and any representation.
Blockdiagram and mind map
Notesheets are just another option of outlining and presenting knowledge. You may embed all kinds of objects into a notesheet, like mind map, timeline, block diagrams, text and images. At any time you may change the notesheet into a mind map or any other representation and vice versa, this is done without loosing any information.
Colorful notesheet
YouMinds Composer ships with various different designs you may choose from. In addition you may modify each design or apply individual styles to each node, mind map or diagram.
Colorful styled mind map
Sometimes you may just want to work with an outline or notepad. YouMinds Composer has the option to edit mind maps as a notepad or text outline. With the integrated multi page browser you search and link content from the Internet to your notepads, mind maps and any other representations type.
You may even create slide shows directly from mind maps or any other representation. Just press a button and have your minutes of meeting presented right away.
Slideshow presentation
YouMinds Composer provides many navigation and filter functions to find and enhance certain aspects of your mind maps or diagrams.
Automatically create legends and reuse existing styles.
Work breakdown structure (Project Management)
You may also use the Software to create work break down structures ...
Work breakdown structure (Project Management)
... or manage projects with the integrated gantt chart.
Manage projects with the a gantt chart
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