Keep a clear view with YouMinds Composer
YouMinds Composer 6.7
Organize and outline knowledge efficiently and clearly.
YouMinds Composer is the versatile software for mind mapping, timelines, diagramming, organizational charts, presentation, knowledge and project management.

  • Turn mindmaps and notes into valueable presentations in no time.
  • Analyse any kind of information and find new solutions and ideas using comprehensive search and tag functionality.
  • Use filter views and keep your focus on the essential knowledge.
  • Create different representations from already existing knowledge instantly and appropriate to your target audience.
  • Choose among a great variety of different designs for your contents, while there is no need to re-type what you have already created.
"...the best mind mapping software I have used..." (Chris)

The Community Edition is free of charge !
Business timelines and more
YouMinds Composer offers much more than ordinary mind mapping software.

  • Organize and present your schedules with powerful timelines.
  • Enter simple relationships and let Composer create perfect block diagrams or organizational charts.
  • Combine different representations and reveal new knowledge.
  • Use the ad hoc slide show to present minutes of meeting instantly.
  • Gather information with notepads, pinboards or mind maps and decide later how to present it.
  • Export your documents into future proof formats like HTML 5.

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