YouMinds Composer 7
The new version 7
Users who own a version 5 or 6 PRO upgrade key, can use this key for the version 7 too.
Neue Funktionen
  • The new version is 64 Bit and requires a 64 Bit operating system.
  • The legend may now appear vertical or horizontal.
  • The text editor has a print option.
  • Version 7 introduces an "Ai Chatbot" to edit the document or to talk to the document. This feature is experimental.
  • High resolution displays are now supported.
  • The filter view now supports logic operators, swimlane, workhour and date filters.
  • Filters may be saved as a template.
  • Filter templates may be assigned to styles to enable rule based styling.
  • Books support inner zoom.
  • The modify buttons on sheets and timeline may optional be hidden.
  • Global milestones in the timeline support grouping into different lanes.
  • The current selection is highlighted in the outline panel.
  • Additional navigation view, which is now sticky.
  • Search for swimlane or workhours.
  • Two additional connector types for horizontal and vertical connections.
  • Preview during connector move.
  • Tooltips in connectors.
  • Optional raster when sizing objects.
  • Objects can now be moved via the keyboard (Alt + Shift + arrow) and can be changed in the size (Ctrl + Shift + Arrow).
  • Metadata definitions are now document global and may be reused in each node.
  • Conditional aggregate functions.
  • Math functions.
  • New shape "Word tag", which shows word tags always.
  • Optional color for word tags.
  • Individual 3D block size.
  • Optional 3D formula for displaying values and for 3D analysis.
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