YouMinds Composer 6.7
The new version 6.7 has undergone a face lift and has been enhanced with many new features and fixes.
Users who own a version 5 or 6 PRO upgrade key, can use this key for the version 6.7 too.
New features
  • Composer now creates a automatic legend view with color and style information.
    • Optional description of the used styles and shapes.
    • Auto format objects with previously used styles.
    • Find objects according to the used style.
  • Optionally hide or show objects with the enhanced filter view.
  • Improved timeline:
    • Swim lanes now allow individual colors.
    • Global events and phases may now be defined in separate files and shared among timelines in different documents.
    • Select between 6 different event representation styles.
    • The new caret displays a date tooltip and allows you to create or move events with just one click.
    • You may now edit the event date together with the event title.
    • The current settings show up directly in the settings menu.
    • Optionally show a automatic legend with color and style information.
  • Block and text tables have been improved:
    • Cells within tables may now be connected.
    • Individual line styles for text tables.
  • Composer now retrieves the event or task date directly from the object title.
  • Specify the automatic color contrast in the design template.
  • Specify the marker padding in the design template.
  • Composer memorizes and displays recently used document types in the create new dialog.
  • Additional markers enable highlighting with numbers and characters.
  • Highlight markers now support line styles.
  • The group function now computes start and end dates.
  • Identify documents by name in the print queue dialog.
  • The text exporter now creates word tags and appointments.
  • The NSWE ontology is now filed under mindmap.
Problem fixes
  • The SVG and Html exporter now creates transparent markers correctly.
  • The SVG and Html exporter now creates images correctly.
  • Hyperlinks to different nodes work in full screen mode too.
  • The notepad title stays visible with all design templates.
  • The NSWE mindmap shows node directions correctly.
  • The website exporter now creates linked and embedded files.
  • The website exporter does not show watermarks in the PRO version anymore.
Other notes
  • The maximum file size for YouMinds Composer documents is 100 Mb. The maximum size for each embedded image, text or file within a document is 20 Mb. YouMinds Composer will not be able to open files that exceed these numbers.
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